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Laboratory of NMR spectroscopy

Laboratory of NMR spectroscopy is certified. In the laboratory there is modern nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer Avance-III 500 which was produced by Bruker  (Germany). This spectrometer is equipped with the latest software and hardware tools, and four sensors for investigation of chemical composition and spatial structure of liquids and solids organically, bio-organically and some inorganically compounds.


Metrological certification of the NMR spectrometer is done.

NMR spectrometer Avance-III 500 (Bruker, Germany) (2008) makes it possibleto obtainspectra of high-resolution. It has a high degree of automation, digital frequency generation, control and recording of signals, automated testing procedures.

The equipment meets the specifications required for the obtaining of one- and multi-dimensional spectra, the construction of multi- core correlations, studies of the kinetics of chemical reactions.

The advantages of NMR spectroscopy:

  • high resolution;
  • the possibility of quantifying (counting) of the resonating nuclei;
  • non-destructive methodof analysis;
  • smallamountsofsample;
  • a unique method of distinctions between the reaction productsfrom the initial reagents;
  • allows to study the reaction rate constants from the 10 s-1 to 103s-1.

Possibilities and specifications of equipment:

  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of individual compoundsand multicomponent systems;
  • Establishing of the exactchemical structure of the matter;
  • Proofof identity and purity of chemical compounds;
  • Identification ofthe three-dimensional stereo chemical structure of molecules;
  • Studyof dynamic processes (chemicalexchange);
  • Full-NMR analysis, including two-dimensional techniques such as COSY, NOESY, ROESY, TOCSY, HSQC etc.;
  • Operating frequency -500 MHz(1H), temperature attachment (-100 °C÷ +100 °C).