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Laboratory of Applied and Radiation Physics

The laboratory has the following equipment: X-ray diffractometer, electron and light microscopes, vacuum machine and other technological equipment, which allows studying the structural-phase state and properties of materials.

 Light microscope Neophot–21 isa basic device used for the investigation of microstructures in materials. It allows performing metallographic analysis of materials quality and quantitative assessment ofstructural elements.

 Vacuum machine VUP-5 is designed to obtain thin films from different materials (metals, alloys and semiconductors) by arc spraying.

 X-ray diffractometer DRON-3 is used in studies of phase composition and crystalline structures of polycrystalline materials. Its other applications are as follows: development of new crystal materials, investigation of their structural characteristics and purity.

 Tensile testing machine 1246 R is used to perform high-temperature tests  (up to 23000C) to measure strength, creep and active tension underhigh vacuum and in atmosphere of inert gases.

 Transmission electron microscope EM-125КBt using high-resolution structural methods, allows to obtain reliable data on the phase composition,  morphological and crystallographic characteristics of studied materials.

 Hardness and microhardness testers are designed to measure hardness and microhardness of metals, alloys, glasses, ceramics and minerals.