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Laboratory for Energy Saving and Alternative Energy

The laboratory for energy saving and alternative energy was established as a part of the National Laboratory. Nowadays laboratory researches develop projects in areas of wind (developed and put into operationa proto type wind turbine), solar and hydrogen energy.

Thelaboratory is using renewable energy sources basedon solar batteries for optimization of energy consumption.Photoelectric complex with power 50W was assembled.


There is designedand set in operationa prototype of sailing wind turbine with power 5.5 kW. Ithas a horizontal axis of rotation in athree-phase withvoltage 380 volts. The prototypeis installed in the EKSU training scientific and industrial base "Sibiny." The advantage of sailing wind turbineis a sailing wheel which very quickly adapts to thedirection of thewind.This givesfor wind turbinepossibility to workat differentspeedsof wind. Due to the factthat thesailsareon the periphery ofthe wheelat an angle of 30 °, the wheelis transmitted to axis of electric generator visible power in lowwind. In contrast to sailing wind turbine section of the paddle in classical paddle wind turbine decreases from the center to the periphery, so the paddle wind millsare not able togenerate  energy from low wind.

In addition,in the laboratory we conduct research on advanced technologies for efficient conversion of chemical energy into electricity based onfuel cells.The effective materials based on carbon laminated plate swith thecatalysts for the membrane-electrode unitfuel cells were obtained.The resulting nanostructured carbon electrodes with optimum geometry contain 2-plycatalysts of Ni and Co. By investigation results  it was found that Ni and Co also have the properties to adsorption ofhydrogen,and thenenter into an electrochemical reaction of converting it into electricity, in addition, the use of such catalysts reduces the cost of the membrane-electrode unit.