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Two projects in the area of superplastic and nanostructurization of materials are long-dated.

The Experimental-industrialsitewas established for obtaining prototypes of devices, products and materials, and approbation of new technologies. These activities are directed to obtain new production and advanced solutions.

Austenitic steels and alloys based on Ni-Cr, Fe-Ni иCo-Ni were investigated. These materials have application in machinery, device and rocket production. The extensive date base about structure, phase composition and properties of these materials were obtained.

There was opened and investigated effect of super plastic in 5 industrial alloys, which allows realizing technologies for resources-economy shaping.

With the support of the Republic of Kazakhstan First President Found there was developed and produced hydraulic press, stamp equipment for 3D-draw and proportional angular compression. The use of this equipment significantly increased mechanical properties of aluminum, copper, and titanium.






Press equipments for intensive plastic deformation of materials

In addition, laboratory contributes to the development of technologies for gas shaping of products. In the framework of investigations there are developed press-forms and build device which consists of compressor and bulb with system for blowing gas from furnace, and warming mouldable products. Shaping is performed at super plastic conditions, so results of researches have application for solving practical problems.

Engineeringandconstructiondepartmenthave developed more than 30 constructions and technologies for industrialimplementation. The devicefor cleaning pipelinebelts was developed. This device is cheaper than German counterparts in 4-fold at cost in mass production, and more economicalin energy by 40-50%. For Titanium Magnesium plant there was proposed device to drain magnesium chloride with magnesium-thermal production of titanium sponge and a high cycle resistance.

With support of British Council «Inspire» in the area of renewable energy sailing wind turbine with low cost and performing investigations for obtaining fuel cells is being developed.

Scientific associates of Laboratory have developed and produced device for liquid phase hydrogenation. This device is used for test catalysts activity in hydrogenation of unsaturated organically compounds. In addition there was developed device for cutting super rigid cermets materials. There is investigating effect of spark influence on cermets.

Objectives of the Laboratory: development of melting technologies, development of technologies for obtaining three-dimensional nanostructured half finished goods and development of technologies for molding  finished products by plastic deformation, plasmous treatment of products.

Projects for realization: «Automotive adaptive gearbox, adaptive transmission», «Implementation of technology for neutralization arsenic-containing raw and industrial products at treatment of aurum-containing concentrates on the one of East Kazakhstan metallurgical factory», «Extraction of alkaloids from plants of East Kazakhstan and investigation structure of its».

Laboratory achievements

  • Researches and young scientists are highly motivated by using Laboratory equipment.
  • Grantfrom Republic of Kazakhstan First President Found for performing research by young scientists has been won;
  • Internationalgrant from the British Council «Inspire» for collaborative researches and cooperation with UK Universities has been won;
  • Grant fromthe American Council on International Education for an internship in the United States in the field of small business development through new technologies and innovations has been won;
  • Internationalgrant «Erasmus Mundus» has been won. With the help of this grant researchers can increase qualification in various international scientific and educational centers;
  • In the Republicancontestof innovation projectsfrom Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of KazakhstanandKazakhstanYouth CongressProjectof the National Laboratorywas declared the bestin the nomination"The nuclear industry and nuclear power."
  • Grants fromJSC "NIF" for2012-2013 by fourprojects were won
  • Threeinnovative patents were get;
  • From2009 there were performed 26 training courses and seminars with international experts and with 520 students;
  • From 2009to 2011 there have been performed more than 400 experiments by students, Master and PhD holders, including 15 researches from other organizations
  • There are oorganizedand always held interuniversity seminars.